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15 Beautiful Updos for Modern Women

Updos are all the rage, both for casual and formal occasions. Whether you have medium-length or long hair, there is an updo out there for you. With this list of eighty modern updos, you are sure to find your perfect match. From tousled knots to voluminous buns, there is an updo for everyone. Unlike many hairstyles, updos can we be worn for a quick jog, a cocktail party, or on your special day.

#1: Spiral Curl Updo

#2: Add Some Flowers to your Updo

#3: The Braids Galore Updo

#4: The Braid Crown Updo

#5: The “Lazy” Knot Updo

#6: The Fishtail, Twist, Knot, and Spiral Updo

#7: The Elegant Flower Bun

#8. An All-Business Bun

#9: The Big Bun Updo

#10: The Simple Low Knot-Bun

#11: The Front Spiral Updo

#12: The Braid ‘n’ Knot Updo

#13: Jewelry for Your Updo

#14: The Braided Crystal Twist Updo

#15: The Loose-Ended Updo

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